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Michael Rinaldi & Co. LLP (MRCO) began with an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to expertise and client service.  Real Estate accounting and taxation serves as the foundation of our business.

Ours is a boutique practice focused on Real Estate with a philosophy that includes a requirement that each firm member be soundly grounded in accounting and tax for real estate.  This results in audit personnel who have extensive knowledge in real estate taxation, partnership tax provisions and corporate tax.  Likewise, tax personnel are well versed in real estate accounting, auditing and the various facets of real estate operations reporting.  Taking it one step further, we have expanded this philosophy to include the development of the interplay of international taxation and real estate investment and operations, servicing both institutional and private clients.     

In addition to a focus on real estate, our approach is modeled on direct  partner management, whereby partners perform significant amounts of the client work, rather than layers of staff, resulting in efficiency in performance and timing of work to meet  a client’s needs.  This model ensures that the requisite tax and accounting knowledge is present from start to finish of an engagement.  

MRCO has applied this model successfully, in building a blue chip practice in Washington, DC.   Servicing institutions and families around the world, the common link is our commitment to knowledge and providing, through that knowledge, proven solutions in a timely and efficient manner.

This commitment, as recognized by our real estate private equity fund clients, has resulted in MRCO being named “2012 North America- Accountancy Firm of the Year” by Finance Monthly magazine.  MRCO is the only accounting firm in the United States to receive this award, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank.

MRCO… Building Value – Delivering Solutions.

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